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Our history


Walcountian Blues Lacrosse Club, or more simply “Blues Lacrosse”, was formed in 1982 albeit under a different name. We changed to our current name when we moved to our Clockhouse Ground in 1999. In 2007 Purley ladies joined with the Men’s section to become Walcountian Blues. From then, our club has has gone from strength to strength.


Women’s Lacrosse

We currently field two Ladies teams, both in the South Women’s League (Premier Division and Division One). In 2021/22, the Women’s First Team won the Premier Division and went on to become national champions. They then went on to represent the UK in the European Cup, being held in Barcelona, and were crowned European champions. The Women’s Second Team also won the First Division, and were the winners of the South West region. At a senior level, we have two women playing for Wales and six for England at senior level. We also have a further six girls representing England at a junior level.


Men’s Lacrosse

We field one Men’s team, who in 2021/22 won their “Local League” and came fourth in the Premier Division. We currently have one player representing Scotland at senior level.



Every year we host 41 teams at the club for a Men’s and Women’s lacrosse tournament. Teams come from across Europe to enjoy playing against, university, club and scratch teams whilst they camp onsite.

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